Both of us find scarlet a very beautiful colour. As you could have noticed from the ongoing fashion week, red is very much in season. It is true that this color makes every outfit look more fashionable and more unique, so we decided to show you two different ways of wearing red.

One of us is wearing just a pop of red, simply to keep the outfit looking more like an everyday casual one, while the other is wearing it in a way that could actually work as an day-out outfit, and also as a more casual-evening-out outfit too.

Every time we need a confidence boost, we try adding a pop of red to our outfit. Red improves the mood any time, so we also use it when we want to keep our outfits more minimal and casual by just applying red lipstick or some red jewelery.


Erza is wearing>> Bomber jacket – Lindex|Shirt – Mango| Jeans – Vintage | Backpack – Bershka| Scarf – Primark|  Boots – Grafitti| Bracelet – Dodo silver.

Tea is wearing>> Coat – OVS| Jumper & Backpack – Mango| Dress – Zara| Boots – Grafitti| Bracelet – Dodo silver.











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