We were out having coffee one day, talking about blog ideas and scrolling through our Instagram feed, when we stumbled upon Nadira Kika’s most recent collection. We immediately fell in love with every piece, so we thought why not give it a shot and ask her for a small collaboration. We went and talked to her about the whole idea, and ended up doing two photoshoots with her amazing pieces.

One thing’s for sure, it was so difficult to pick through all of the clothes that were in her atelier. Most of her clothes were sold out already but we ended up picking these two coats. What got our attention is the many beautiful details and the unique colours. Wearing these clothes for the first time made us feel like we were part of a fairy-tale, and from that we were inspired to take pictures in a very dreamy looking place.

Fountains always give a romantic vibe to the setting, but when they’re not working and full of tiny succulents like this one, they look even more mysterious and enchanted. So we felt as if this fountain was a portal and we were travelling between dimensions. What better than two long coats for this magical journey?




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