IMG_9273Under The Spell of Black Since we obviously love fashion we also have our favourite designers, one of which is Dior. The latest fashion shows from Dior were amazing and we just fell in love with the details in everything. The beret, the hoop earrings, the colour palette, they were all truly inspiring. So to honour the upcoming season, our favourite season, we decided to go for something that feels more like. We both feel so good in black, yet we know that black & white outfits can feel boring sometimes.

The little secret is that you just have to wear the right stuff. So we thought about the one thing everyone has in their closet and we came to the conclusion that we all have simple solid white shirts, the staple black jeans, and skirts. To spice up the simple shirt/jean or shirt/skirt combo that usually looks and feels a bit more formal, we wore plain velvet tank tops that made the outfit much better and more like a casual everyday combo. The best part is that it shows how an outfit can be turned around in no time by adding simple little changes.



Erza is wearing>> White Shirt – Ralph Lauren|Tank Top – Lindex| Jeans – Waikiki|  Boots – Grafitti|Beret – Zara | Leather Jacket – Mango |

Tea is wearing>> White Shirt & Tank Top – Lindex| Boots – Grafitti| Beret – Zara |

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