Guess what! We started this blog just about a month ago and already got invited to our first fashion show from one of our favourite designers in Kosova, Berna Saraçi. We were jumping from the happiness, it felt like we were dreaming. Her show was part of Skopje Fashion Weekend. We were lucky enough to wear this beautiful black dress and suit made by Berna herself at her own fashion show! The details on both the pieces were so carefully put together in a very delicate way, typical Berna.

We love her style because it’s so minimal with a touch of beautiful colours and amazing details. She did prove this again on her fashion show where all the pieces were mainly black, white, baby blue, and a dress in pastel peach that caught everyone’s eye. We loved the whole collection but there were these two dresses that we couldn’t stop thinking about even after the show. One of them is this black shiny dress with two straps and the other one is this long and astonishing baby blue dress. But the one we found the most interesting is this incredible dress that made you wanna sleep in it. We imagine it would feel like wearing a cloud! Also, just go check her Facebook page and Instagram account to see all the stunning details that were added to complete each look.

Ah, we’re in love with them.



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