A little different this time with this post.

The pictures are not from a photoshoot, no set colour palette and fancy break-neck poses (kidding, those are fun too!), but they hold an amazing memory. This was the first festival we attended this year among others to come. We are both loving the Huji app recently, and to make this post more fun we decided to take all the pictures with it. They turned out very pretty and colourful. The weather that day was not the perfect festival weather but the amazing people made it work. We had sunny minutes, windy minutes, and quite a few rainy ones too, yet the whole mood of the crowd continued with the electric vibes.

Since it wasn’t all that warm for the most part, we both wore a couple of layers. Erza is wearing this amazing patterned bandeau top and since it wasn’t too warm she wore a simple white top too, with a navy bomber jacket.

Tea went for simple black yet comfortable jeans with a stripy top. To add to the outfit she wore a long jumper that just put everything together very well. Simple yet comfortable for a place where the music and the people were a definite priority.

As we said in the beginning of this post, it was just the first festival of the season, so be prepared for a few more festival looks where we set out to match the mood to the pretty colours, bold patterns, and lively vibes of summer.


Erza is wearing>> Bomber Jacket  – Lindex | Bandeau – Zara | Jeans – Vintage| Watch – Swatch | Earrings – Parfois | Bag – Mango

Tea is wearing>> Jumper – Pimkie | Pants – Zara| Shoes – Vans|Bag – Mango

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