Urban Sun

13. Urban Sun

After a quick break that we had, we are more than excited to be back doing new and exciting stuff.

Band tees have been one of our favourite thing for a while now and we like wearing them in different ways. Here we are both wearing band tees from this amazing shop here in Prishtina that have amazing designs, called KOOL. They come up with original designs and the print is ohmygod so good!

Tea decided to pair this cool Arctic Monkeys T-shirt with this lovely, sunny skirt she made herself (amazing, right?). Whilst Erza is wearing a black Childish Gambino T-shirt with white wide legged pants and an orange belt for a pop of colour. We’re trying to have as much fun as possible these last few summer days, yet we can’t wait for the autumn clothes either! That’s going to be extra fun this year!

Love, Erza and Tea.IMG_0683-2IMG_0667-2IMG_0669-2IMG_0655-2IMG_0756IMG_0736IMG_0701IMG_0683IMG_0687IMG_0718IMG_0723IMG_0728IMG_0730IMG_0732IMG_0739IMG_0744

Erza is wearing>> T-shirt – WANNABEKOOL | Jeans – PIMKIE| Earrings – Parfois | Shoes – Nike |

Tea is wearing>> T-shirt – WANNABEKOOL |  Shoes – Vans| Sunglasses – Ray Ban| Earrings – Parfois |


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