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We are so exited to share this collaboration we made with Perri label. It was one of the most special collaborations we’ve done till now because we had the chance to meet and work with inspiring, kind, hardworking women and because we related so much to the meaning behind the collection.

The concept of the collection, as said by Majlinda herself, is:

White on White collection is a minimal conceptual project that combines the work of the modern artists like Malevich, Roman Opalka, and Paul Klee. The only colour used in this project is white and it is inspired from the Malevich painting White on White. The sewing on the white organza are adapt from the Paul Klee’s painting “Burdened Children” and Roman Opalka’s project “Details”. The rectangle in the background of the pictures is related with the feminism in Kosovo and the resistance that we make as women to fight for equal rights. The rectangle presents the way we are judged as women in a patriarchal mentality. The reason the rectangle is white is to make it invisible to connect it with the sens that men for women in Kosovo see it as something imaginary that comes from the women.”IMG_9797 - CopyIMG_9729IMG_9724IMG_9787 - CopyIMG_9770 - CopyIMG_9757IMG_9844 - CopyIMG_9859IMG_9876IMG_9888IMG_9889IMG_9892IMG_9862IMG_9708IMG_9702IMG_9605 - CopyIMG_9587 - CopyIMG_9610IMG_9557 - CopyIMG_9585 - CopyIMG_9575 - CopyIMG_9654IMG_9651IMG_9649IMG_9686IMG_9637IMG_9937IMG_9895IMG_9944IMG_9926IMG_9912IMG_9905IMG_9902IMG_9983IMG_9970IMG_9962IMG_9958IMG_9949IMG_0003 - CopyIMG_9996

We’re wearing: Perri Label by Majlinda Mazreku

Photos by: Fjolla Besimi

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